‘International Dispute Resolution – Research Bibliography.’

For anybody interested in the study, teaching and practice of ‘International Dispute Resolution’, I have set out my current Research Bibliography (which I will periodically update), at the foot of the ‘International Dispute Resolution’ page at www.carlislam.co.uk.

This includes a number of titles about Cultural Property disputes and international dispute settlement, which I read while studying for the Diploma in Art Law course at the Institute of Art & Law between 2020 and 2023.

For my course essay ‘Mediation of Cultural Property Disputes’, and the following supplementary Tables:
– ‘Ethical Principles’;
– ‘Issues for the Mediator to discuss during a Pre-Mediation Zoom Call about preparatory steps and agreeing ‘criteria’ i.e. applicable ‘Principles of Restitution’; and
– ‘Tools & Precedents’,
please visit the ‘Cultural Property Claims & Duties of Museum Trustees’ page at www.carlislam.co.uk.