‘The Parthenon Marbles Dispute’ – By Alexander Herman.

‘The Parthenon Marbles Dispute – By Alexander Herman, Director of the Institute of Art & Law in London – Book Launch today at the Centre for Commercial Law, Queen Marry, University of London, Lincoln’s Inn Fields.’ –

‘If there is to be a resolution of the Marbles dispute, it appears inevitable that it will be on the basis of a compromise. If a permanent and immediate return appears impossible, so too does a simple maintenance of the status quo. Some third way needs to be envisaged.’ [Extract from, page 102 – ‘Loan, Bailment, Usufruct’].

Wishing the author, Alexander Herman, every success with the Book Launch today. This is a timely and relevant book which I think will do very well. More importantly, it will educate readers about why cultural property is important, and should be pushed up the political agenda. The legal tools and vehicles exist for doing a deal about the Marbles. This like all cultural property disputes has a political dimension, and I would argue a geopolitical dimension, because ethical settlement of a moral claim to cultural property is a diplomatic tool of reconciliation and peace nurtured through dialogue, and implemented through cultural exchange, brought about by collaboration between governments and museums. This can result in a geopolitical convergence of values. So when a journalist or TV commentator says ‘I just don’t get it!’ what they are not getting is the big picture. If that is because they only received a superficial education in Art, Cultural Property, Diplomacy and Politics, then hopefully the erudition and practical wisdom contained in this book will cast light into darkness in what is a complex and multi-dimensional debate. So, there is no excuse for politicians, TV commentators and journalists ‘who just don’t get it!’ – because they can buy and read the book!
Book – https://lnkd.in/eiCXuNiw