Mediating probate and trust disputes – Published

‘Mediating probate and trust disputes—process challenges and tools: part 2’ – My article has been published by Oxford University Press in print for distribution worldwide in Trusts & Trustees, Volume 29, Issue 7, September 2023, Pages 667–681 – There are links to the article and to Part 1 on the ‘Publications’ page at On Monday I submitted the first complete draft of my forthcoming article ‘Mediating Music Disputes’ to the editor of the Law Society Gazette for approval for publication later in the year. In parallel, I am developing a new course for presentation in person and by Zoom from January 2025 – ‘Mediating Music Disputes.’ A draft assembly of my speaking notes and material – which is an incomplete work in progress that I will revisit and complete after I have written the 2nd edition of the Contentious Probate Handbook for the Law Society of England & Wales, is available to view on the ‘Mediating Music Disputes’ page at The subjects currently included in the draft speaking notes and materrial are:
·       Litigation risk.
·       Mediation.
·       Benefits.
·       Deal Making Zone.
·       Table.
·       Enforcement under the Singapore Convention.
·       Mandatory Mediation.
·       Business Arrangements & Contractual Matrix.
·       Fiduciary Duties owed by Managers & their Companies to Artists.
·       Copyright.
·       Fair dealing & exceptions.
·       Sampling.
·       Songwriter splits & shares.
·       Trademark.
·       Ownership of goodwill in a Band’s name.
·       Performing rights.
·       Moral rights.
·       Image rights.
·       Breach of confidence.
·       Duress.
·       Undue Influence.
·       Unconscionable Dealing.
·       Restraint of trade.
·       Mediator Questions.
·       Bibliography.
·       Cases.