Contentious Trusts Handbook (2020) 1st Edition

The Contentious Trusts Handbook 2020, 1st Edition is available to view in the Library at Lincoln’s Inn.

For more information about the Library please visit: Library & Archives – Lincoln’s Inn

To purchase the book, which costs £100 and runs to 400 pages, please visit:

Wildy & Sons Ltd — The World’s Legal Bookshop : Islam, Carl

Contentious Trusts Handbook – Law Society Bookshop

For more information about the book please visit:

My article ‘Judicial Early Evaluation – The new normal’ is scheduled for publication in the forthcoming issue 7 (2020) of Trusts & Trustees (Oxford University Press), which is distributed worldwide.

My next article, which I am planning to co-author with a leading trust law academic in 2021 is about ‘Trustees duties and powers in relation to property and investments – A restatement.’

My next book is provisionally entitled. ‘Fiduciary Duties, Art and Cultural Heritage’ which in my free time I have already started to research, and am planning to complete for publication in 2023.