’10th Anniversary of the founding of www.diplomaticlawguide.com.’

Website Motto: ‘Quam fluctus diversi, quam mare conjuncti – though the waves are many, the sea is one.’

Extract from the homepage:

‘This website contains an evolving bank of legal materials, on-line library resources, news, talks, articles, and blogs, about the dynamic and inter-related subjects of:

(i)   Conflict;

(ii)  International dispute settlement; and

(iii) Mediator tools, i.e. how a mediator can facilitate the negotiation of a road-map for peace (i.e. a ‘Peace Process’), which results in the agreement and practical implementation of a coherent, comprehensive and sustainable ‘political’ solution to the underlying ‘root’ and ‘dynamic’ causes of the conflict (i.e. a ‘Peace Treaty’). Thereby, ensuring peace, underwritten by security guarantees and International Law.

I founded this website in June 2014, and it was listed with my permission, on the website of the United States ‘American Foreign Service Association’ (the ‘AFSA’) based in Washington DC underneath the heading ‘Codes of Conduct from Other Services/Countries’ (http://www.afsa.org/ethics).

According to Google Analytics, in under 10 weeks the website grew from a zero readership to a weekly audience spread across Canada, the USA, South America, the Caribbean, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, North Africa, the Gulf states, Pakistan, India, China, South East Asia, and Australasia. …

I update the website weekly to assemble material for my next book (see the ‘Cultural Heritage Law & International Dispute Settlement’ page at www.carlislam.co.uk), including articles published in Foreign Affairs Journal, to which I subscribe. On the website, these articles are only accessible to myself.

The latest videos to be added to the ‘Conflict & Dynamics’ page at www.diplomaticlawguide.com under the sub-heading – ‘Articles & Talks’ include:

-Prof. Jeffrey Sachs on Ukraine, Gaza & Taiwan: The US is Risking ALL OUT WAR with Russia & China (youtube.com).
-Israeli historian Ilan Pappe launches new book ‘Lobbying for Zionism on Both Sides of the Atlantic’ (youtube.com).
-The Israel Lobby Is Real. Here’s EXACTLY How It Works. | Novara Media
-Israel’s Gaslighting TORN APART By Palestinian-American Analyst – w/. Omar Baddar (youtube.com).
-West Sleepingwalking into Major Wars – Alastair Crooke, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen (youtube.com).
-ICC must investigate British ministers for complicity in Gaza war crimes (declassifieduk.org).

In an age when youtube channels are overtaking mainstream TV news channels, not just in the UK but globally, as a first port of call by members of the public for accurate and unbiased journalism about conflicts and international relations, it is my hope that visitors to the website will be able to quickly access news stories and commentary by leading journalists and academics, which do not appear on mainstream TV channels.