‘2+2 = 7!’

That is the magic of Mediation!

Actually, I think that in some cases it may be more than 7.

When I woke up the song – ‘Guantanamera’ was going around in circles in my mind.

The lyrics in the song – ‘Yo soy un hombre sincero. De donde crece la palma’ mean – ‘I am a truthful man from the land of the palm tree.’‘I am a truthful man from the land of the palm trees.’

Well I have always thought so, however there are no Palm Trees in Leicester & Newcastle!

It didn’t sound like the Gypsy Kings – see: GİPSY KİNGS ♥GUANTANAMERA♥ (youtube.com)

It was a dream.

There were Flamenco dancers and at one point in the dream a small group of Mexican Mariachi musicians appeared playing guitarróns accompanied by trumpeteers who at as the song reached its crescendo swayed in unison to the left.

What I heard in my head though was not ‘Guantanamera.’ It was Quanta Media!’

So, that got me thinking – which is timely, because this morning I am starting the 7 day process of completing the ADR Chapter of my forthcoming book – the 2nd Ed of the ‘Contentious Probate Handbook’ for the Law Society – which for all I know, probably does quite well, way down south, down Mexico way?¡Olé!

Anyway, the writer’s Muse has returned – which is what all authors pray for.

So – how can ‘2+2 = 7’ in the Mediation of an Estate Dispute?

1.  It eliminates anxiety by avoiding litigation risk.
2.  It preserves the capital value of the estate by avoiding the unnecessary incurrence of litigation costs.
3.  Participants can negotiate a deal on terms which no court has the power to order.
4.  It expands the size of the Estate through tax-efficient post death re-engineering.
5.  If an estate include qualifying heritage – art is saved for the nation.
6.  Sometimes – not always! – it can preserve family relationships for future generations.
7.  Putting the past behind you & moving-on with your life – i.e. dancing the Rumba instead of fighting – ¡Olé!

What other benefits occur to you? – I would be interested in hearing your views.

If my editor is reading this she need not worry, because I am not going to refer to any dreams about mediation in the book. However, I can’t help thinking that ‘Mediation’ is the dream solution to a bitter internercine estate dispute.

Now it’s Saturday – so, back to Rumba & La Duende ! – see: GLOSSARY OF BASIC FLAMENCO TERMS (newcastleflamencodance.com)

To lighten your load this weekend I also recommend that you Google – Gipsy Kings – Bamboléo (Official Video) (youtube.com)

You may also welcome the sheer joy of how they celebrate ‘Guantanamera’ in La Cuba – Guantanamera | Playing For Change | Song Around The World (youtube.com)

So – ‘Volaré, oh, oh

Cantaré, oh, oh, oh, oh

Nel blu dipinto di blu

Felice di stare lassu!’

See: Gipsy Kings – Volare (Official Video) (youtube.com)

& 1 more! – La Bamba | Playing For Change | Song Around The World (youtube.com)

Viva mediation!

And if you are ready for one more – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass “A Taste Of Honey” on The Ed Sullivan Show (youtube.com)

Finally for the authentic Mariachi sound of Mexico – I invite you to listen to ‘Guantanamera by Los Caballeros’ – just Google those words + Youtube. Guantanamera (youtube.com)