‘Mediating Music Disputes’

‘Heal the pain!’ – I have started to write a short 900 word article for publication in the Law Society Gazette later in the year entitled, ‘All I Want For Christmas Are Damages – Mediating Music Disputes.’ The full length version will eventually appear on the ‘Mediation of Art & Music Disputes’ page at www.carlislam.co.uk along with a Bibliography. ‘Artists Rights’ was one of the modules for the Art Law Diploma course I have been undertaking since 2020. The article is based upon an essay I was drafting for the course earlier in the summer, which I put to one side in order to write about ‘Mediation of Cultural Property Disputes’, ‘Taxation of Heritage Assets’, and ‘Repatriating the Parthenon Marbles using a Trust’. My three essays for the course have now all been written and submitted, and are available to view on the ‘Mediation of Art & Music Disputes’ page at www.carlislam.co.uk. This frees me up in my spare time this month to return to ‘Music and Digital Copyright Law’. When I practised as a commercial Solicitor, prior to practising at the Bar, my clients included a start-up record label, an Asian TV channel, and a leading UK school of performing arts. So, I am no stranger to the complex legal world of how music content, and rights in IPR and knowhow are acquired and exploited in the Music, Publishing, and Entertainment Business. This is a global industry, and it feels good to be back, albeit wearing a different hat this time, i.e. writing as and from the perspective of a ‘CMC Registered Mediator’, rather than that of a contract draftsman and commercial negotiator. I am aiming to complete the first draft withing the next 30 days. After that I will be on schedule to commit my free time to writing the second edition of the ‘Contentious Probate Handbook’ for the Law Society from December. Did I mention Christmas in August! I think it will be here before we know it.