Art Law Course

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The aim of the course is to define the circumstances under which a remedy (particularly) an equitable remedy is available in the English Court when a sale of art results in financial loss. I may also write an article about this later on in the year (i.e. about breach of fiduciary duty claims in this specific context, including tracing into offshore bank accounts).

Last year I announced the intention of setting up an Art Law Society to meet at Middle Temple Hall, and a number of Chancery and Commercial QC’s have expressed an interest in taking part, as has a New York lawyer who is renowned for recovering art stolen during the Second World War. For more information please visit

My forthcoimng book the ‘Contentious Trusts Handbook’ also contains a Practice Note by the art historian Pandora Mather-Lees about trustee’s duties in managing art, and discusses the principles underlying breach of fiduciary duty claims. The book is due to be handed in to the publisher on 27 June. The course will then be developed over the summer.